Best oscilloscopes found online.

Best oscilloscopes found online.

I recommend for the hobbyist, an analogue 20 - 30MHz duel trace scope these are relatively road bust and excellent value for money. For some one starting off in electronics or buying there first scope I suggest the 7020D 20MHz Dual channel

Oscilloscope available from rapid online.

A Cathode-Ray-Oscilloscope is a piece of test equipment usually found in an electronics workshop. Due to its size its not as portable as a multimeter but its a great piece of test equipment to own. Its primary use to view electronic signals on a screen usually in the form of voltage Vs. time but can also be configured to view other types of signals like voltage(a) Vs. voltage(b).

In television repair an oscilloscope is a vital tool as you will need to trace frequency's inside a TV circuit to see if they are functioning to normal parameters. Also when working with switch mode power supply's its very useful to measure the functioning of the oscillator circuit that drive the mosfets or other digital switching circuits.
As I said earlier oscilloscope's are usually found in workshops due to there size, this is true for the original CRO due to their long bodies to help with the deflection of there electron beam.
These days however you can get oscilloscope's that can fit in your toolbox along side a multimeter but nothing beats an original old school cathode-ray-oscilloscope.
There are many places you can get oscilloscope's online and a few of the top suppliers are listed below

I recommend these Suppliers for oscilloscopes

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