VGA Cables and Leads

VGA leads

Here is a selection of the most common VGA leads used to connect PC and other devices to monitors.

This is what a VGA plug looks like on the back of a PC/Laptop or TV.
Look at our "How to connect my PC to TV" page to see a full list of connections.

  • This can carry HD-video but in an analog format and is subsequently inferior to HDMI or DVI but is far superior to a Standard video leads.
  • Maximum resolution 2560x1600
  • Maximum run distance is made up of a few factors but can be generally thought to be 15 - 20 meters over a good quality lead. If you need longer runs you should use something like a VGA over cat5 extender that can do maximum runs to up too 200m

1 meter(3') VGA leads

5 meter(16') VGA leads

15 meter(50') VGA leads

Other VGA products

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